About Mentor Match

Welcome to Mentor Match!
The WTS Mentor Match is a self-propelled program that provides members with the exclusive opportunity to connect and develop with over 8,500 transportation industry professionals. Sign up today as a mentor or a mentee to help take your career to the next level!


Frequently Asked Questions

 Do I have to complete an application to be a mentor?
Yes, to participate, you must complete a Mentor profile. If you have a small amount of time to give for a regular phone call or video chat with a fellow transportation professional, you will be surprised how much you get out of the experience!

Are there membership or professional requirements to be a mentor?
Mentor match is designed to connect transportation professionals with individuals new to the industry. Mentors must be WTS International members in good standing.  Mentors should be transportation professionals with at least 7 years of industry experience and be willing to offer advice, suggestions, feedback and a listening ear! Mentors should be committed to strict confidentiality on information shared by their mentee.

Can I have more than one mentor or mentee?
A mentor can accept as many mentees as they wish and have time to work with. Mentees can also connect with more than one mentor if they wish to. We recommend accepting no more than 2-3 mentees in order to devote the appropriate amount of time to mentorship.

What can I expect from participating?
Coming Soon!

Code of Conduct

Be respectful of the preferred method of contact for your mentor and mentee and communicate with them only on platforms they prefer.
Only have 1-3 mentors or mentees at a time in order to provide and participate in valuable and thoughtful interactions.
Some mentor/mentee relationships do not work out. Be respectful of each other’s time and if not working have a professional conversation.  You both can come back to the Mentor Match program to develop new relationships.
Matches can be made with professionals throughout North America. Be respectful of region, location, and time zone when communicating. 
WTS does not and is unable to monitor communications between mentor and mentee outside of this medium. Please be respectful in your communications.
WTS does not vet, background check or endorse mentors or mentees. Meetings, communications and interactions between mentors and mentees are done at the sole discretion and consent of the individuals.


Email comms@wtsinternational.org
for additional assistance.